Kenneth Park

“I wanted to take the time to recognize the efforts of Liviakis Financial and the Investor Relations expertise they provide. John’s team does an excellent job of not only communicating public facts but also providing insight and a genuine confidence in the company and investment theme. I am a shareholder of Chromadex as well as…


David Katz

“I’ve dealt with all types of people in the securities industry. You kind of develop a perception of what the person is going to be. When I met John, he just totally shocked me. This is a genuine, down-to-earth, hardworking, conscientious fellow. There is nothing flippant about him. There is nothing shady about him.”

Peter Gombrich

“We have had the pleasure of working with the Liviakis group after their restructuring and have found them as dedicated and professional as we are sure they were before. Although he is very selective with whom he will work, when he takes on a client, he then gets involved on all fronts. I have never…

Steve Adams

“In my 25 years of business experience, Liviakis Financial is the hardest working group of people I have come across. Their dedication, focus and work ethic certainly set them apart from other firms associated with the stock market, where “bankers hours“ can seem to be the norm.”

Keith A. Mazer

“I have been raising equity and consulting to companies both public and private allowing them to open a pathway to all capital markets. Through twenty-plus years in the equity business I would say I have met more unsavory, self- serving opportunistic, predatory individuals whose sole intent was to enrich themselves at the expense of the…

Michael Peterson

“I have known and worked with John Liviakis during my career as a senior Vice President managing the assets of the highest net-worth clients of both Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Currently, I am actively working with John while managing my own private fund/merchant bank. Over the past fifteen years I have developed a genuine…

Len Panzer

“Liviakis Financial Communication, Inc. gives new meaning to the terms honesty, integrity and dedication. Wall Street is fortunate to have John and his team championing the small cap arena.”

Brad C. Dunlap

“Liviakis Financial Communication is a team of individuals, all having an intense passion and understanding of the financial markets. Their strong work ethic and vast contacts create a highly successful environment.”

Susan Dunlap

“John Liviakis is undoubtedly one of the most dedicated investor relations professionals in the country. It is not often that you find such a disciplined, meticulous and goal-oriented individual who works tirelessly for their clients. John’s loyalty and passion surpasses that of anyone I know. My husband, Brad Dunlap, and I have had the pleasure…

Laird Cagan

“During my 25 year career that has included working on Wall Street in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs, venture capital investing and my current Merchant Bank/VC Firm, I have seen many investor relations firms. I believe Liviakis Financial Communications is the best. Our business model of taking the most compelling young companies public is profoundly…